Seattle Student Jomaica Alfiler Needs Help Finding ‘Handsome’ Man She Met On Flight

Jomaica Alfiler was love-struck on her flight home to Seattle from Frankfurt after a vacation in Portugal. The 21-year-old business student was on a 10-hour flight when another passenger caught her eye. Now, she is turning to the internet in hopes of finding her long lost lover.

Jomaica sat in window seat 43A of Flight LH490, while the “good looking man in his twenties” sat in 43B. He was apparently quite the gentleman and helped her with her luggage and even offered up a blanket. You can already tell that the man is smooth.

Unfortunately for Jomaica, while she was smitten, she forgot to ask for the man’s name and contact information.

That is where the internet comes in.

“Hi, i was traveling from Frankfurt to Seattle and i sat right next to a lovely gentleman on the plane but i forgot to get his full name and contact so i emailed Lufthansa and this is what they said,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

Jomaica Alfiler looking for love, message


You have to respect the effort.

“He was a good looking young man and was clean cut, had dark hair, and was around 5’8 – 5’9,” she said, via the Daily Mail. “He was probably in his twenties. I believe he was wearing black Adidas NMD shoes and a silver/grey back pack, with an orange shirt and jeans. He offered to help me out but I insisted on trying to do it myself because I’m a strong independent woman. In the end he helped me anyway because I was too short to even reach it – I’m 5’1.

“He asked me if I was cold since he wasn’t using his blanket so he could give it to me. He also tried to help me recline my seat back but we both failed. However, I still thanked him.”

This man really was going all in on his efforts to make a good impression on Jomaica, he should have made the move to get those digits.

The story has since gone viral, so hopefully the two star-crossed lovers will be able to meet again. And let this be a message to everyone: if you are ever on a flight and someone catches your eye, never be afraid to shoot your shot. Best case scenario: you find love. Worst case scenario: you never have to see them again.

Best of luck on your search, Jomaica.

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