A Celebration Of Gronk's Career, In Photos & Videos

When Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL on Instagram on Sunday, March 24, not only did the football world lose an all-time great on-the-field — as Gronk is arguably the greatest tight end to ever play the game — but a Hall of Famer off-the-field.
As synonymous with his brand as stiff-arming defenders and spiking touchdowns, Gronk’s off-the-field shenanigans are the main reason why he’s adored by all NFL fans, even the ones outside of New England.
And while his retirement by no means signals the end of his escapades, we figured Gronk’s transition from professional football player to retiree (and potential WWE superstar) gave us a chance to look back at the highlights of his extracurricular career.

Drinking & Partying His Ass Off

If Gronk is known for anything other than touchdowns, it’s his almost manic dancing style that he’s far from afraid to unleash in any social setting.





Chilling With Bad Women

Whether it be his girlfriend or models at photo shoots, Gronk has also been seen with some of America’s finest.




Doing General Gronk Things

Of all the things that makes Gronk lovable, it’s his general personality. Whether you root for his team or not, Gronk just seems like a genuinely decent and fun-loving guy who embraces who he is, and that’s all you can really ask for.





But don’t worry, Gronk fans, this isn’t goodbye to our favorite overgrown child football player, it’s “see ya later”, as we know Gronk will return one way or another.

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