Being A Bus Driver & Getting Arrested For A DUI Is Not The Best Idea

Sharon McCready Fisher, a bus driver in Bartow County, Georgia, has been arrested and charged with DUI-drugs, failure to maintain lane and reckless driving after she was reportedly operating her bus while under the influence of drugs.
According to the Emerson police department, Fisher — who was on her way to pick up children at the time of the arrest — was pulled over by police officers after she was spotted “driving all over the roadway” and “almost striking other vehicles” around 2 p.m. on Monday, March 11.
Speaking to reporters, Emerson Police Chief W. Kyle Teems said that Fisher was given and failed a field sobriety test prior to her arrest.
After her arrest, Fisher was taken to the Bartow County Adult Detention Center. She was released the following day on a $2,924 cash bond.
A statement from a Bartow County School District spokesperson confirmed that Fisher had been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.
“The Bartow County School System is diligently looking into the matter that’s currently under investigation by an outside agency. Ms. Fisher is on leave pending that investigation,” the district’s statement read.
In an interview with WSB-TV, Fisher said that she expects to return to work after the drug test results come back negative.
Fisher’s husband supported his wife Sharon, saying that “she does an occasional a muscle relaxer, 5 mg, that the doctor prescribes, and they [the school district] know about that.”
“She’s the straightest goody two-shoes person I’ve ever known in my life,” Fisher’s husband reiterated to WSB-TV.</a
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