Sao Paulo, Brazil School Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Details

According to reports, five children and two adults have been killed in a school shooting in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Reports indicate that two shooters, identified as 25-year-old Luiz Henrique de Castro and 17-year-old Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, took their own lives following the attack.

Update (Wednesday, March 13, 10:36 p.m. EST): Sao Paolo authorities have identified both of the shooters. Find out more about the two killers below:

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According to reports, Luiz Henrique de Castro, 25-years-old, and Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, 17-years-old, killed eight and injured at least nine people in a rampage on Wednesday, March 13, in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Police say that after de Castro and Monteiro shot and killed the owner of a nearby car rental, they then killed five students and two employees at the Professor Raul Brasil school in Suzano, Brazil.

6 people dead in school shooting carried out by two hooded teens who committed suicide after. Not the US; this is Brazil, just outside Sao Paulo.

— David Biller (@DLBiller) March 13, 2019

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The reports of a school shooting in Brazil are similar to those that have become common in the United States.

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