Google Mistakenly Renames Blue Slide Park "Mac Miller Park" On Maps

Despite passing away over half a year ago, Mac Miller remains ever present in the minds of friends, family, and fans alike.
Miller, who passed away at the age of 26-years-old on September 7, named his first studio album after Blue Slide Park, a section of Pittsburgh’s iconic Frick Park.
Now, not even a year since his tragic death, a quick search on Apple Maps or Google Maps finds that Blue Slide Park is now named “Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park.”
However, at the time of Miller’s passing, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said that while he would be open to such an idea, there are “strict rules” in place that would slow the process of changing the name of a public space. So where did the renaming come from?
While some Twitter users are pointing out that the name could merely be a result of the Apple and Google pulling data Yelp, we’re going to just choose to take this at sentimental face value.
Google Maps
Not only did the park serve as inspiration for Miller’s debut studio album, but it was also the location of a candlelight vigil held for the late Pittsburgh rapper just days after his death.
According to Complex, representatives for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy did not respond to a request for comment about the apparent name change.
All that said, whether or not the name change is official at this time is irrelevant, as the park will already be forever known as Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park.

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