20-Year-Old Former Miss Teen Universe Dies Of Sudden Heart Attack

Lotte van de Zee, a former Miss Teen Universe from Holland, has died after suffering a heart attack while on a skiing trip for her 20th birthday.
According to a post on her Instagram account, while on a skiing trip in Westendorf, Austria, on Wednesday, February 20, Lotte reportedly started to “feel unwell throughout the course of the afternoon” before going into sudden cardiac arrest.
van de Zee was then taken to a nearby hospital, where she was placed into a medically induced coma before being transferred to a specialty hospital in Munich, Germany.
After spending two weeks in the coma, her parents announced the passing of their daughter on Wednesday, March 6.
“Our pearl, our everything passed away on Wednesday evening March 6th at 22:47. It is incredibly surreal that our dearly beloved Lotte is not around us anymore. Our hearts are truly broken. We would like to thank you all again for all the support and heartwarming messages,” a message on her Instagram read.


At this time, it is not yet known what caused the heart attack. Her family said that tests are still underway to determine what caused the sudden cardiac arrest.
van der Zee won the Miss Teen Universe competition back in 2017 and had over 160,000 followers on Instagram.
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