Here's The Ultimate 'Game Of Thrones' Family Tree To Get You Prepped For The Final Season

Heading into the final season of Game Of Thrones, it’s safe to assume that more people watch the show now than ever before. In fact, we actually don’t have to assume at all, as there’s hard data that shows their season premieres and finales have grown in viewership and set records every year they’ve been on the air.
That said, just because the Game Of Thrones audience has been growing like clockwork does not mean that all of those viewers are created equal.
Some are OGs that read the books back in the 90s long before HBO even had a sniff of Westeros. Others have been tuning in since the show premiered back in 2011. Most have binged at least a couple of seasons to while others have binged every single episode up in a matter of months in order to catch up for the season 8 premiere.
However, if there is one thing that is common amongst all of these fans (except for maybe those book-reading OGs), it’s that the history and family connections of this vast array of characters can be quite confusing and intimidating.
While the mythology and history behind Game Of Thrones is part of what makes the show so immersive and therefore excellent, the exact details of a particular character’s heritage can be quite complicated, even to the most diligent and well-researched Thrones fans.
So, with that in mind, we scoured the web for the best and most comprehensive Game Of Thrones family tree we could find, and of course, that journey led us to Reddit. It’s always Reddit.
If you want to check out the Game Of Thrones family tree in its full glory, you can download the tree here. And while you’re at it, you may as well check out the trailer again, just because it may be the most hype 122 seconds in the history of entertainment.

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