The 4 Biggest Moments In The 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer

After years of anticipation and months of hype-building, HBO finally released the first and likely only trailer for Game Of Thrones eighth and final season into the world, and BOY was it worth the wait.
While the trailer doesn’t reveal too much of the plot detail, it does confirm that season eight will see Dany and Jon’s united armies march north to defend the realm from the incoming White Walkers.
And while they may be relying on assistance from Cersei Lannister and King’s Landing, the Queen of the Andals and the First Men seems to have a different, more sinister idea.
But what else did the trailer reveal, if anything at all?
Mind you, this is all merely speculation based on the glimpses that the geniuses behind Thrones have shown us so far, but these are our best guesses as to what these trailer moments revealed.

Jon Is Going To Ride A Dragon

I mean, look at these f*cking two. Middle of nowhere, no one else around, charging purposefully towards two waiting dragons. This is the strut of two people who are about to hop on those dragons and defend the realm. I’m getting hyped just typing this.

Jaime Turns His Back On Cersei

In the season 7 finale, not only does Jaime appear to call Cersei’s bluff about using the Zombie Moutain to hurt him, but he seems to leave King’s Landing entirely. But to go where? Winterfell, that’s where! And that’s likely where he is when we see him in the trailer, explaining to one of the Starks (or another important character) that when he joined the Kingsguard, he took an oath, and he plans to keep that oath as long as he lives.
And when this moment happens, Jaime will have officially turned his back on his sister … and lover.

The Golden Company Arrives

While the Golden Company had been barely mentioned up until the end of season 7, they figure to play a massive role in the final six episodes as they will be effectively operating as Cersei’s own personal army. And as we all know, Cersei is hell-bent on destruction, blood, and revenge any way she can get it.

Clegane Bowl Is A Lock

First, let me just say that this close-up of The Hound is arguably the best shot of the trailer. The Hound, one of the biggest and baddest (literally) characters in the show, looks as though he’s currently in the fight of the life, and frankly, he’s scared.
But what could he be fighting? Is it a White Walker? A Golden Company mercenary? Or his zombified brother, The Mountain? Our money is on the latter.
Given that both the Mountain and the Hound have lasted this long into the series, their only logical conclusion is at the hands of one another. Of all the characters in the series — Ayra and Jaime included — arguably no one has seen more character development and changes than the Hound.
Once a ruthless killing machine, the Hound has since become a man determined to do right by the world, and hopefully, his soul. And because of this fact, we see his dying quite heroically, likely protecting the rest of the gang from his abomination of a brother.

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