Twitter Rumor Alleges That "Gun Girl" Kaitlin Bennett Pooped Herself At A Kent State Party

Editor’s note: None of what you read in this article should be considered as a statement of fact. The article is satire revolving around previously published rumors.
While internet conspiracy theories come in many different shapes and sizes, this one is definitely one of the most bizarre in recent memory.
Now, while there is absolutely no proof of this story and should be considered as a humorous anecdote and not factual, it’s just one of those stories that sounded so ridiculous that it makes you wonder why anyone would ever lie about it — so we decided to share it with you.
For example, one time I told my 6th grade Science teacher that my dog legitimately ate my homework. But why use the most-cliched excuse in the book, you ask? Reverse psychology, that’s why — because if something is so ridiculous, then it has to be true, as no idiot would lie about something like that.
And guess what? My 6th grade Science teacher believed me and forgave me for not turning in homework that day. Sorry, Mrs. Pelligrino.

Anyway, back to Bennett — who first went viral back in 2018 after her Kent State University graduation photos featured her posing with an AR-15 rifle. In the months since she has since accumulated over 168,000 followers on Twitter as an outspoken conservative.
According to this hilarious rumor on Twitter and Reddit, Bennett — otherwise known as “Gun Girl” on social media — allegedly once soiled herself at a party at Kent State University, her alma mater.
Obviously, Bennett who has since labeled the rumors as “lies” and attributed their proliferation to “liberal sports writer” Kevin Clancy of Barstool Sports.
However, Clancy was not the only one to comment on the rumor, as a Reddit user left a comment saying: “I had some friends that went to Kent with her and after the story started making the internet rounds they all claim to know someone that was there.”
So, what’s the verdict here? Well, it’s tough to tell, as an outspoken figure such as Bennet is likely to be the target of malicious rumors. However, that said, I actually did once know a girl back in high school who dumped herself at a party after dropping it to low.
Therefore, we’ll leave the decision whether or not you believe this entirely up to you.

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