WATCH: Candace Owens Shares Thoughts On Hitler & Oh Boy

Candace Owens likes to share her hot takes on Fox News and at events for something called Turning Point USA. Owens is also the founder of “Blexit,” which urges people of color to leave the Democratic Party. But after her most recent outlandish comments, Owens could have difficulty convincing anyone that she has something positive going on in that brain.
Video recently surfaced of the Turning Point USA director of communications making comments on nationalism at an event in England. Owens defended nationalism in a way that also included some bizarre defense of none other than Adolf Hitler.
Yes, that Hitler.

“I actually don’t have any problems at all with the word ‘nationalism.’ I think that the definition gets poisoned by elitists that actually want globalism. Globalism is what I don’t want. … Whenever we say ‘nationalism,’ the first thing people think about, at least in America, is Hitler. You know, he was a national socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine,” Owens said as transcribed by the Huffington Post.
“The problem is that he wanted — he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize. He wanted everybody to be German, everybody to be speaking German. Everybody to look a different way. That’s not, to me, that’s not nationalism. In thinking about how we could go bad down the line, I don’t really have an issue with nationalism. I really don’t. I think that it’s OK.”
Oh boy…

If you ever want to share your thoughts or champion a certain subject, the “Hitler had some good ideas” hill is usually not one you want to die on.
But alas, here we are, because what else should we expect from the political world in 2019?

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