Kanye West Isn't Wearing His MAGA Hat Anymore, Says Pusha T

We all remember when Kanye West proudly sported his red MAGA hat and voiced his support of Donald Trump, right? That led to a series of questionable moves from the hip-hop star which included joining forces with conservative Candace Owens and her dorky frat boy sidekick Charlie Kirk and even going as far as to claim that slavery was a choice.
Well, it seems like Kanye is starting to reel things back in despite his Twitter tirades.
After saying that he would no longer be involved in politics, it seems as though Kanye has also decided to ditch his MAGA hat moving forward. His good friend and collaborator Pusha T said that Kanye no longer wears the hat during an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
“He doesn’t anymore,” Pusha-T told Trevor Noah. “He stopped. He stopped, though.”
Pusha says that he avoided the topic while working with West on his album DAYTONA which released over the summer.
“Can you imagine having those conversations while he’s trying to make my album?” he said, as transcribed by Complex. “He basically has my life in his palm and I have to tell him that I hate something. We always have real conversations, though. Always. I think that’s why me and him connect so well and I think that’s why DAYTONA came out so well. It’s a give and take. If I don’t like something, I say it and he tries to correct it, and so on and so forth.”
Pusha T also discussed mental health which Kanye West has previously been very vocal and open about. Pusha admitted that he is ignorant to the subject and that he embraces more conversation on the topic.
“I’ve been pretty ignorant to mental health as well,” Pusha said”Just being honest… When we were coming up, nobody just looked toward that. And now, learning about it, it’s a real, real thing.”
You can check out the full interview below.
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