Idiot BroDude Forced To Find His Own Way Home From Bahamas After Jumping Off Cruise Ship

Most times, whenever you’re considering doing something for the Gram, odds are, it’s definitely not worth it.
27-year-old Washinton State man Nick Naydev had to learn that lesson the hard way after he was forced to find (and more importantly, pay) his own way home from the Bahamas because Royal Caribbean banned him after he jumped off the side of one of their cruise ships.
Naydev was on a Royal Caribbean cruise that was docked in Nassau, Bahamas when he decided to jump from the eleventh floor into the ocean below — an estimated 100 feet drop.
After the jump, Naydev was banned from the Royal Caribbean cruise line “for life” and was forced to pay his own way home to Vancouver, Washington from the Bahamas.

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Naydev provided the following statement to Fox 13 Tampa Bay:

“I am truly astonished at how this video has spread throughout the internet. I did not think this through before I jumped. My idea was this would be a good laugh for my friends and I would just swim back to shore and continue my vacation and never thought this would be this serious. When the security caught up with me they told me and my friends that we needed to pack our bags and leave the ship immediately and were not welcome on any of their cruise ships again.
Local police in Nassau, Bahamas were called in to pick us up from the ship, but fortunately the police thought the whole situation was amusing and did not proceed to file any legal actions. I jumped from the 11th floor and the height must have been well over 100ft.
I just hope I don’t inspire anyone to try this, because I don’t want to feel responsible for any injuries.”

While Royal Caribbean has yet to provide an official comment, it’s safe to assume that they probably don’t find passengers jumping off the side of their ships too assuming.

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