This Good Boy Being Saved From A Frozen Lake Is The Best Video You'll Watch All Week

When writing a headline for an article, writers and editors are usually taught to avoid using the term “best”. First and foremost, because “best” is simply a boring adjective, and second, because what’s “best” is merely subjective.
However, when I say this video of a Colorado firefighter breaking out a full Army crawl to rescue this good boy from the depths of a frozen lake is the best video you’ll watch all week, I mean it quite literally: there will not be a better video to circulate on the internet in the next seven days. That much I can promise you that.
via South Metro Fire Rescue Twitter:

“‘Bri’ is one lucky pup. The crew from Firehouse 34 was quick to arrive with a rescuer already dressed in a dry suit. The team on shore held his safety rope tightly and the Dive Team was also responding, just in case. All SMFR fire engines are equipped for ice rescues.”

This was not the only recent pupper rescue mission that the South Metro Fire Rescue had to pull off, as good boy Ray became the second dog in just three days to fall into an icy pond.

“Meet Ray, the 2nd dog in just 3 days saved from an icy pond by South Metro Firefighters. Ray was distracted by geese, jumped a backyard fence, gave chase onto the thin ice and fell through. Ray was reunited with her human cold, wet and thankfully not injured.”

Speaking to The Denver Post, Eric Hurst, a spokesman for the South Metro Fire Rescue said that “at least several times a year we will respond to dogs slipping through the ice.”
Luckily, thanks to the courage and professionalism of the South Metro Fire Rescue, neither Bri nor Ray were seriously injured and have resumed their lives as good boys and girls.

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