6ix9ine's Ex-Manager 'Shotti' Gets Ethered In Alshawn Martin Diss Track

You may not have heard of Alshawn Martin before, but he is doing his best to catch your attention. The South Central rapper used to be a part of the now infamous Tr3way label, but he is now publicly denouncing them and has even taken a direct shot at former manager Kifano “Shotti” Jordan.
On Saturday, January 12, Martin released a diss track aimed at “Shotti” where he calls him out for being snitch and fake Blood gangster. He also says that Shotti is a “Suge Knight wannabe.”
“How you claimin’ you a Blood and want the world to respect you?/When you came to L.A. and pay me to protect you,” he raps. “[…] Pay what you owe me, motherf**ka/It’s gonna take more than callin’ your lawyer, motherf**ka/Look at where you at for being disloyal, motherf**ka/In a cell, cold as hell, bendin’ over, motherf**ka.”
And that is just the beginning.
You can listen to the full diss track, titled “Call from Shotti,” below.

Late 2018, Shotti was one of the Tr3way members arrested along with rap star Tekashi 6ix9ine on drug trafficking, armed robbery, and racketeering charges and taken into federal custody where they are facing life in prison.
And it is not looking good for 6ix9ine.
Prosecutors believe they already have a strong case against the DUMMY BOY rapper, with evidence placing him at the scenes of multiple robberies and shootings along with a video of the rapper appearing to put a $30,000 hit on the cousin of fellow rapper Chief Keef, so it will be interesting to see whether Lazzaro can get Tekashi out or whether he will be forced to spend the year following his commercial success behind bars.

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