Will Tekashi 6ix9ine Be Granted Bail? A New Motion Is Underway

Tekashia 6ix9ine started the year off as one of the hottest rappers in the game, but he quickly saw everything come crashing down when he was arrested on drug trafficking, armed robbery, and racketeering charges and taken into federal custody where he is facing life in prison.
The Brooklyn rapper has been behind bars since and was previously denied bail.
So will 6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, be forced to remain behind bars until his trial begins in September 2019?
It will all depend on how his lawyer’s latest attempt to free the rapper goes.
According to a report from TMZ, lawyer Lance Lazzaro is working on a bail package that would allow 6ix9ine to be free from federal prison until the trial begins. Lazarro plans to state his claim that Tekashi is not a flight risk or danger to the community, all while offering $1.5 million bail.
The report adds:

6ix9ine’s lawyer says he wants to file the motion before his next scheduled court appearance in late January. If the judge rules in his favor and grants bail, the rapper can await trial from the comfort of his own home once he posts the $1.5 mil. Add all this to the fact the judge has denied Tekashi’s bail when he was first arraigned, and it looks like a bit of a long shot … but you never know.

Prosecutors believe they already have a strong case against the DUMMY BOY rapper, with evidence placing him at the scenes of multiple robberies and shootings along with a video of the rapper appearing to put a $30,000 hit on the cousin of fellow rapper Chief Keef, so it will be interesting to see whether Lazzaro can get Tekashi out or whether he will be forced to spend the year following his commercial success behind bars.

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