WATCH: PokerStars Players Championship Ends With Brutal Beat On Miracle Flop

If you are a poker player, your heart is going to sink when you see this hand that ended in a brutal beat after a miracle flop and helped swing the PokerStars Players Championship which has a $5.1 million prize. It was Julien Martini and Ramon Colillas who were going head-to-head when the unthinkable happened.
Martini had the chip lead entering the hand and flopped an Ace-high flush.
Colillas, meanwhile, had a pair of Queens.
Things were looking good for Martini despite the fact that another Queen came on the turn, giving Colillas trip-Queens and luring him into another big bet. But when the turn came, it was an absolutely devastating turning of the tide.
Collilas picked up another five which gave him the runner-runner full house that he needed in order to knock off Martini.
After the flop, Colillas had just a three percent chance to take the hand. When he got his trip Queens, those odds jumped to 23 percent. Then, when it hit the runner-runner full house, that was a wrap. The end result was a 48.3 million chip swing, and Martini never recovered.
Watch the drama unfold below.

Absolutely heart-breaking, but that’s the way the cards turn sometimes.
And you can’t feel too bad for Martini, because he still brought home $2,974,000. He had plenty of Benjamins to wipe his tears with.

Antonio Brown Unfollows Pittsburgh Steelers On Twitter
Antonio Brown Unfollows Pittsburgh Steelers On Twitter
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