Likely-Stoned Florida Man Arrested For Trying To Pay For His McDonalds With Weed

Anthony Andrew Gallagher, a 23-year-old Florida man from Port St. Lucie, has been arrested and charged after he allegedly tried to pay for his food at a McDonald’s restaurant with a bag of marijuana.

According to a report from the Port St. Lucie police department, after Gallagher made the offer, the unidentified fast-food worker denied the exchange, prompting Gallagher to drive off. However, Gallagher reportedly returned to the same McDonald’s location a short time later. It is unclear at this time if Gallagher attempted to pay for his order with drugs the second time around.

On the morning of Sunday, December 16, the Port St. Lucie Police Department were alerted to Gallagher’s actions and got a description of him from the McDonald’s employee.

Police said that a suspect matching Gallagher’s description went through the same McDonald’s drive-thru again that same Sunday, where police apprehended him and charged him with marijuana possession and driving under the influence.

According to the TC Palm, when police approached Gallagher’s vehicle, smelt a “heavy odor of marijuana emitting from the car.” Additionally, Port St. Lucie police said that they found a small amount of pot and a surfboard in the vehicle.

Following the incident, Gallagher was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana under 20 grams and driving under the influence. At the time of this writing, it is not clear whether or not Gallagher has hired a lawyer.

Anthony Andrew Gallagher mugshot

Port St. Lucie Police Department

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