Police Expanding Search For Missing Colorado Woman Kelsey Berreth

Police are currently searching for Colorado woman Kelsey Berreth, who has been missing since Thanksgiving Day.
According to reports from authorities, the 29-year-old Berreth was last seen at a Safeway supermarket near Woodland Park, Colorado, wearing a white shirt, gray sweatshirt, and blue pants. She is described as being as 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighing approximately 110 pounds.
Furthermore, authorities have said that her cell phone was pinged near Gooding, Idaho, which is located about 800 miles from her home in Woodland Park, Colorado.
Berreth, a pilot & flight instructor who is a mother of a 1-year-old, is described by her family as being “responsible” and “grounded”, which makes her disappearance unusual. Additionally, police say they found Kelsey’s her suitcase and makeup untouched and her two cars and small plane where she last parked them.
At this time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also investigating Berreth’s disappearance. Additionally, The Woodland Park Police Department plans to put out a nationwide alert to be on the lookout for Berreth.
Furthermore, Woodland Park police Commander Chris Adams said that authorities aren’t ruling anything out.
via KEPR TV:

“It could just be a false ping, or it could be the actual last location for the activity of that phone.” Instead, he’s hoping the good people of our community will be on the lookout.
“The public has helped some of the cases I’ve worked,” he explained. “We couldn’t have done it without assistance from the public.” Garretson says the whole thing just doesn’t feel real.
“You see things like this on the news but you feel separate from it because it’s always so far away,” she said. “It feels stupid to say that because it’s what people always say.” The victim’s advocate says she’s still hopeful, especially now that her cousin’s face is going around the Tri-Cities.
“Probably someone has seen her they just didn’t know this was someone who was being looked for,” she said. “So she’s just… missing.”

Following Berreth’s disappearance, a Facebook page was created to keep people updated on the search.
Police have asked anyone with any information Berreth’s whereabouts to contact the Woodland Park Police Department at (719)-687-9262.

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