Woman Beats The Hell Out Of Her Boyfriend Because He Wouldn’t Go Down On Her

Amy Nicole Parrino, a 43-year-old Missouri woman, has been arrested and charged with sexual abuse and domestic assault after she allegedly beat and sexually assaulted her unidentified boyfriend.

According to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Parrino — of Boone County, Missouri — struck her unnamed boyfriend ‘approximately 20-25 times with an open and closed fist.’ Additionally, Parrino allegedly attacked the man with a belt, brass plate, and cell phone.

Furthermore, in addition to the attacks, Parrino “chased him around the home in the nude” before she pushed him on the ground, straddled his face, and demanded that he “eat her p****”.

Following the sexual assault, Parrino was booked into Boone County Jail on Monday, December 3. Her bail was set to $25,000 cash, with $5,000 of the bail money going towards property damage that she caused at the jail.

The arrest report states that the male victim — who remains unidentified — told authorities that he was “was unable to breathe during the sexual assault” and was “scared to death.”

Additionally, the man stated that he “felt sick to his stomach” and asked Parrino to leave him alone repeatedly.

When responding officers arrived, they observed large cut on the victim’s nose, left and right arms, in addition to finding red marks on his chest.

The unidentified victim said that going forward, he does “not feel safe living with his Parrino” as she can turn “very violent, very quickly.”

Amy Nicole Parrino arrest report

The Smoking Gun

That is all the information available at this time. This article will be updated if and when more facts and details become available.

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