Plane Crash At Kennesaw State University Stirs Up Panic

Two Nebraskan men with goals of landing in an airport at Fulton County, Georgia landed themselves in a hospital instead when their plane engine died and crashed into a university campus. Both men were reported to be fine and are currently recovering from minor injuries.

What Happened?

a campus building in Kennesaw State University


Students from Kennesaw State University got a good scare of their lives when a loud noise startled them witless. Some thought it was gunshots, while others thought it was an unfortunate car crash. But what really happened was an engine failure that led to a plane crashing down on their campus.
In an interview, Kelly Kozusko told Fox 5, “We were actually just getting out of my car and heard a loud noise and we turned around, saw a little flash of light, so we were really confused,” she said. “I thought it was a bottle rocket or something like we didn’t think anything major of it just, it scared us so but we didn’t think it was anything this crazy.”
Another witness thought it was gunshots.

“What I heard was a loud crash, you know, I thought it was a gunshot, so I locked all the doors and then I started to hear sirens which got me really worried,”  a witness who lives nearby said. “It was close to my house and it could have crashed on my house with me inside.”
When officers got news of the crash, they rushed to the crash site near the intersection of Campus Loop Rd. and Bartow Ave. There, the plane was resting next to a bed of trees it crashed into. Officers rescued the two men trapped in the vehicle, who were still alert and breathing. They were immediately sent to WellStar Kennestone Hospital.
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Cobb County Fire Department spokesperson Denell Boyd later issued a statement that says the two men were in a Cirrus SR22 plane from Omaha, Nebraska and were en route to an airport in Fulton County. No one on campus was hurt and there was no damage to any buildings. When checked with the Federal Aviation Administration, it was found that the plane was registered to Cavern Aviation LLC of Lenexa, Kansas.

Kennesaw State University also issued an official statement to this crash on Thursday night.

“Kennesaw State University officials confirm that at approximately 7:00 p.m. this evening, a small plane crashed on the Kennesaw Campus at the intersection of Campus Loop Rd. and Bartow Ave. Kennesaw State Police Officers were on the scene to assist the Cobb County Fire Department. The two occupants of the plane were conscious and alert and transported to an area hospital. There were no injuries to any KSU students, faculty, or staff. There are no reports of any damage to any buildings. The Kennesaw State Campus will be open and fully operational on Friday, Nov 30.”

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