On This Week's Edition of 'The Simpsons Predicted It': Canada Legalizing Weed

Since first premiering in 1989, The Simpsons — which is currently the longest-running comedy on television — has become known for a multitude of things: its signature animation, its fleshed out world and characters, its parody of American culture, and … it’s uncanny ability to predict the future?
That’s right, despite all of the deserved praise that the animated comedy classic has garnered over the years, the series is perhaps best known for their distinct track record of predicting future events in past episodes.
Over the last 29 years, The Simpsons have predicted countless aspects of American culture, society, and history, including (but not limited to) defective voting machines, smart watches, the Sigfried and Roy tiger attack, Facetime, The Rolling Stone reunion tour, the FIFA scandal, average people going to space, NSA spying on the American public, 9/11, President Trump, Disney taking over 20th Century Fox, and many more.
And now, Canada legalizing marijuana can be added to that list, as The Simpsons seemingly predicted the eventual law change back in 2005.
In the season sixteen episode titled “Midnight Rx”, Homer, Grampa Simpson, Apu, and Ned Flanders head north of the border where Ned meets the Canadian version of himself, who offers him “reeferino”, saying that it’s “legal” here.


As we all now know, Canada officially legalized marijuana on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.
Can someone check The Simpsons archives and see if they predicted marijuana legalization in America, please?

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