Top 5 Creepiest Ghost Encounters Real People Experienced

It’s spooky season, the time where ghosts are ready to have some fun. If you believe in ghosts, which you should, you will understand that creepy feeling of a certain presence in the room. It could be a bright light, a sound, voice, touch, or eerie feeling. Whatever it is, you know there is someone there who won’t show their face. It’s scary, but, bizarrely it’s really cool. It’s Halloween time and adding in real life ghost encounters to the picture makes this holiday even scarier. You may not like the feeling when you do feel a ghost encounter, but when you do look back on it, it’s a pretty cool thing to be a part of. Here are some of the scariest real-life ghost encounters we have heard.

Saying Goodbye To Grandfather

Lucile Da Rosa Pereira was nine when her grandfather died. He would come to visit her and her family a lot. Sometimes his visits would affect their personal lives. Once, Pereira saw her grandfather and the next day she was run over.
One night when they were staying with her aunt, her younger cousin, age three, was taking a bath. After her bath, she held out her hands and said that her grandfather was hugging and blowing kisses to her. When asked where her grandfather was, the little cousin told them that he flew up into the ceiling and disappeared.

Cooking Up A Nightmare

A young woman was taking the closing shift at the bar she worked at. After mopping up the floor of the kitchen, she carried a rack of glasses along the mopped floor and slipped. She crashed to the groundbreaking every glass. As she got up, she heard a light moan in the kitchen. She didn’t think of this being weird and called out to the voice with a simple, “hello.” After speaking, the moaning got louder. The young women decide to get up and get closer to the noise and call out to it again. The moaning get’s even louder as she calls to it, scaring her even more than before. She grabs a large knife and runs out of the restaurant.
The next morning, she returns the knife to the chef. The chef explains that years ago the owner’s son died in the bar.

Jessica Alba Ghost Encounter

Even celebrities have creepy ghost encounters. Alba at a young age found herself stuck in her bed. She said she felt this pressure on her body that wouldn’t let her get up. She couldn’t scream for help or do anything to get out of bed. Whatever was holding her down took the covers off of her, and at that time she was able to get free and run to her parent’s room. She only spent a few nights in that house after the experience before her family moved.

Burning Mother

One night Lutícia Amaral and her husband were sleeping in her husband’s parents house. During the night she woke up and looked under her bed. Under her bed was her dead mother who looked very much alive. Her mother extended her hand to Amaral, and before Amaral could touch her, her mother started to burn. She screamed at the sight of her mother burning in front of her. Amaral woke up still screaming waking up her husband, her husband’s parents and neighbors.

Destination Truth “The Haunted Forest”

A TV show encounter that was caught on camera that you can only see to believe. The Destination Truth team travels to Romania’s Hoia Baciu Forest, a place to be known as the gateway to the paranormal side. During their investigation the took one of their cameramen to sit out in the forest, alone, and talk to any ghosts. Instead of hearing any voices, he was pulled away by something and disappears into dust. He was found many yards behind with scratches on his body, blood coming out of his ears and no recollection of the experience.

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