Top 5 Scariest Haunted Houses In America

Halloween is the time for scares and screams. Time for ghost and monster stories. And it’s also time for those long mazes of heart-pounding scare fests. Haunted corn mazes, haunted houses, and sometimes haunted hotels. Some cities can put on some of the scariest experiences that will leave you shaking at the very end, or have you crying to be let out early. And for the select few haunted houses, sometimes even waiting in line can be scary. For those who have your skin crawling in line and you close to peeing your pants inside the house, then that’s what we call the top scariest haunted house in the U.S.

Bennett’s Curse (Jessup, Maryland)

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The haunted blood-sucking vampire escapes that most find themselves wanting sharp wooden sticks and garlic to keep whatever scares them at an arm’s length distance. Bennett’s Curse is one of the only medieval knight vampires-themed haunted houses in the world. With their special effects, lively actors, and different room scenes, Bennett’s Curse has turned into an evil fairytale.

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Erebus (Pontiac, Michigan)

Four stories of horror creating the largest haunted walk-through attractions in the world, Erebus. It’s so big, it held the Guinness World Record from 2005 to 2009. When entering this terrifying house of horrors, you will be chased by monsters and demons while also escaping cramped rooms and death traps. There have been stories of customers getting taken or swallowed up in the rooms, so be careful when entering this haunted attraction.

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Fright Factory (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Fright Factory makes your real life fears come face to face with you but adding a few twists. Do you hate the dentist? Be prepared to be locked in a room with clowns and psychopath dentists. This haunted house takes you through different themed rooms of pure terror, like doctor’s offices and butcher’s rooms.

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Nightmare New England (Litchfield, New Hampshire)

Nightmare New England invites Halloween fanatics and challenges the bravest heroes to attempt the walkthrough of their terrifying scream park. This haunted world has dozens of monsters and zombies lurking around ready to give you the scare worthiest heart attack for any Halloween. Get ready for New Hampshire to make your nightmares comes to life.

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The Beast (Kansas City, Missouri)

Would you enter a house of horrors called The Beast? A place that tracks your every move. You are hunted by animals ready to feast on your fears. This is no place for any young children. The largest haunted house in the country allows brave scare goers four levels of screams. Can you get through each one and reach the exit? Or will you chicken out? Put yourself to the test.

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