FDA Seizes Thousands Of Documents From Juul HQ

Back when I was in college, Molly was really just starting to become a thing on the party scene. And one of the things I remember most about MDMA’s explosion into American culture was the ridiculous rationale that people were spewing when they’d use the obviously deadly drug.
“It doesn’t have any long-lasting effects” or “your brain is fine afterward” were just a few of the truly ridiculous claims I heard throughout the years.
And every time I heard some festival-head told me some nonsense like that, I always had the same response: the only reason that you think it’s harmless is that it hasn’t been around long enough to harm anyone.
Years later, as we now know, scientists have since discovered that MDMA essentially burns holes in our brains (or something gnarly like that.)
The whole point of that little anecdote is to say that the same thing is happening with Juul: it’s so new and so fresh that people foolishly think it’s harmless, but really, it just hasn’t been around long enough for anyone to understand the effects.
And apparently, the FDA agrees, as they raided Juul’s San Fransisco headquarters, reportedly seizing thousands of documents.
via Chicago Tribune:

FDA inspectors seized more than 1,000 pages of documents at e-cigarette maker Juul Labs’ headquarters in San Francisco last week, part of the agency’s battle against an epidemic of youth vaping.
The surprise inspection sought information on sales and marketing practices of the company’s devices, which have become wildly popular among underage users. The Food and Drug Administration had requested similar information from Juul in April.
“Across this category, we are committed to taking all necessary actions, such as inspections and advancing new policies, to prevent a new generation of kids from becoming addicted to tobacco products,” the FDA said in a statement on Tuesday.

Juul, which was first introduced in 2015, currently controls about 72% of the e-cigarette market.

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