How To Manage & Deal With Stress In College

Dealing with stress is one of the normalities we all go through with in life. A little of it can be good, but a lot of it is ineffably bad. Stress as we know it is a state of mental or emotional strain in results to very difficult circumstances. Those very circumstances are often factors that are out of our control. We see that at workplaces, home, and in school. In an annual study done by Stress In America, it states that college students are among the most stressed population in America.

Why is that?

With the high unemployment rate, fierce competitions for jobs, the exorbitant cost of student tuition, American college students wake up every day and carry those behind their backs. This draconian matter has led to a researcher named Cindy Liu at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, to conduct a survey on college students. In her report, it says that 1 out of every 5 college students contemplated suicide due to the barrage of stress. Because stress links to many diseases such as heart disease, depression, obesity and the potential aggravation of existing illnesses, this is a matter that can’t be overlooked.
College is undeniably hard. With the harsh reality of the mounting schoolwork that needs to be completed on top of the financial expenses necessary for sustenance, many students are left disoriented and depressed. So what can college students do to deal with and manage stress and anxiety?


  • Accept the reality that you cannot control everything in your life.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Understand what your stressors are and look for a pattern.
  • Trying your best in all endeavors.


  • Limit the amount of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol in your system.
  • Exercise often. Take a walk, go outside for some fresh air, play your favorite sport.
  • Eat well. Remembering to eat the right amount of meals with the right portions is what gives you energy. Hunger and an unhealthy diet play a huge part in mood changes.
  • Sleep. All-nighters are depleting you of your energy. Sleep for at least 8 hours so your body can repair itself.


  • Give back to your community: Helping people often makes you feel better about yourself.
  • Seek help. It is not shameful to seek medical attention when you need it. You can always have someone who you can talk to, and vent your feelings out.
  • Write. Have a journal you can write about your feelings. Writing is a healthy way of relieving stress.

In addition to those tips, here are 10 songs to accompany your stress relieving journey.
Click on each song to listen and watch on YouTube:

  1. Mirage – Else 
  2. Suit & Tie (Oliver Nelson Remix)
  3. To My Soul- Jerry Folk
  4. Miss You- Mura Masa
  5. Wintergatan- Marble Machine
  6. Controlla-Idealism
  7. Bet Dap Goom Bown
  8. Aruarian Dance- Nujabes
  9. Another Time- Dekobe
  10. Chemical Face- Else
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