How To Relieve Stress: Top 5 Must-See Tips & Advice

It’s almost summer, finals are in full swing, everyone is planning vacations, work is stacking up for the start of a new season, how are we able to get a breath of fresh air? Work can pile up without us realizing it, and eventually, we see what we have to get done in a certain amount of time, and that stress us out. Stress is one of the leading causes of depression and lack of confidence. Sometimes, we don’t see that we are stressed because we are so busy with work. Now, instead of rushing through your work, take some time to relax and reprogram. Take some our tips of relieving stress and use them to your advantage.

Write It All Down

If you are one to have a mass amount of work piled up on your desk take some time to write what you need to get done. Leaving it to just your mind checking things off can lead to forgetting something important. It’s best to not have that “oh shit” moment. Write what you need to get done down the paper. Kind of like a checklist, it also helps to write it down from easiest to hardest. Get your easiest stuff done first and get the hard stuff done last. Allows yourself to have breaks, maybe after you get done with two or three pieces of work get some food or take a few minutes to unwind and regroup. This can be thought of as a reward for getting some of your work done. Gratitude can help relieve stress and anxiety by helping your mind focus on the good part of your work.

Meditation & Deep Breathing

In a mental state of stress, the body can become tense and start to panic when stress and anxiety levels rise. This can cause anxiety attacks, especially among women. By taking some time for deep breathing exercises and meditation sessions can allow the body to relax and lower that stress level. There are many breathing exercises and meditation sessions that range in different times. If you are tight on time, take 5 minutes for some deep breathing. If you have longer, relax and do some meditation.  The way meditation and deep breathing work is to relax the mind and put it in a mental state of focus. It allows you to be more aware and alert to your surroundings. It not only helps you to be more relaxed but does help your mind focus on the task at hand, ultimately feeling at peace.

Learn To Say “No”

Half of our stress can be controlled by merely saying “no.” A lot of what we are stressed about are our problems we put upon ourselves. Work builds up because we start to take on more than we can handle and the stress level rises, eventually leaving us overwhelmed. Don’t think to say no will hurt someone’s feelings or make you look like a bad person, it just means you have too much to do, and you also need to think about yourself. Take control of your life and take care of yourself first. It’s all about control, no one else can run your life. You are the only one who can take control.

Spend Time With Friends & Family

A big part of relieving stress is social support, especially from your friends and family. At stressful times all you want to do is be hugged and supported by the ones you love. It helps you know that you are wanted and allows you to have a sense of self-worth. Getting a quick pick me up from a simple text message or phone, even a quick lunch can up a person’s happiness. Clear some space to talk to your friends and family no matter if it’s a quick conversation or a long one, it will benefit you longer than you think.


Exercise is one of the most significant and most essential stress relievers. Not only does it relieve stress and anxiety but you can become happier and feel better in your mind and body. Putting the body through a physical workout or physical stress can make your body relieve mental stress. Exercising on a regular basis can provide with more benefits than just stress relieving, such as better sleep, increase in confidence, and lower stress hormones. Performing daily activities like running, dancing, yoga, or lifting weights can be the answer to your stress. To relieve more stress focus on working on the larger muscle groups and doing repetitive movements.

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