Fortnite Season 6: What Are 'Shadow Stones' & Where To Find Them

The video game phenomenon that is Fortnite (and the company that created it, Epic Games) continues to plow on, steamrolling all of its competitors on the way to a $5-$8 billion dollars valuation.
Ever since being released in July of 2017, Fortnite has become video game juggernaut, drawing in more than 125 million players in less than a year and earning hundreds of millions of dollars per month.
And despite the fact that Fortnite is already a massive success, the folks at Epic Games keep rolling out new “seasons” of the game to keep things fresh.
In addition to adding new suits, gliders, and weapons, the latest Fortnite season now has something called Shadow Stones.
But what are these mysterious Shadow Stones and what exactly do they do? And where can you find them? Find out below!

What Are The Shadow Stones?

The Shadow Stones are consumables in Fortnite season six that grants the player various powers and perks.
After consuming a Shadow Stone, the player will have increased damage resistance, speed, jump height, and will have the ability to turn invisible when standing still.
Additionally, players with the Shadow Stone can also phase through cover, allowing them to catch their opponents off guard.
The effects caused by the Shadow Stones lasts for 45 seconds, however, you can turn it off at any time by holding down the alt fire button.

Where Can The Shadow Stones Be Found?

The Shadow Stones can be found all throughout the Fortnite map in areas known as the “Corrupted Areas”.
The Corrupted Areas can be found in all the purple sections of the map:
While it’s possible to find Shadow Stones in other sections of the map, the Corrupted Areas are the most likely place to find them.

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