Six University Of Michigan Fraternities Disaffiliate From The School

Six fraternities at the University of Michigan have decided to disaffiliate with the school due to changes to Ann Arbor’s zoning code. The new zoning codes require all fraternity and sorority houses to possess university affiliation for permit consideration.
Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Chi, Phi Sigma Kappa, Psi Upsilon, and Theta Chi are the six fraternities who have decided to disaffiliate.
According to MLive, the move comes after the city of Ann Arbor’s decision to approve new regulations for fraternity and sorority houses, requiring them to maintain an affiliation with UM or another college or university in order for their houses to be specially permitted.
The city made the decision was made on July 16.
via MLive:

The rule does not retroactively apply to existing fraternities and sororities. Instead, it will take effect only with future permits granted by the city – either permits for newly established fraternities and sororities or for existing organizations looking to expand.
But the changes also mandate that any fraternity or sorority that loses recognition from UM as a result of extreme cases like sexual assault or hazing would have it’s special-exemption housing permit expire after two years, and the zoning would revert back to single-family or two-family home status.
Fraternity and sorority houses are allowed as special exceptions under Ann Arbor zoning code when approved by the city’s Planning Commission. The changes also codify a past practice for permit consideration to include a maximum occupancy component.

Last fall, the University of Michigan canceled all fraternity events due to allegations of hazing and sexual misconduct.
This is just the latest development in the ever-changing fraternity landscape that is trying to grapple with the perils of hazing and alcohol-related incidents.

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