Here's What Kendrick Lamar Had To Say About Mac Miller

In the days following the tragic and untimely death of 26-year-old rapper Mac Miller, tributes from fans, family, friends, and peers have poured in from all corners of the Earth. And unsurprisingly, one of the most articulate and heartfelt tributes came from Miller’s friend and fellow musician Kendrick Lamar.
Lamar, who collaborated with Miller on his fourth album The Divine Feminine, recorded a personal video for Complex’s “Open Late” where he highlighted his favorite parts of Mac Miller, particularly his unwavering spirit and unparalleled musical talent.
While Kendrick’s heartfelt appreciation of Mac was endearing, it was his detailing of the comedic moments the two shared together that is the true highlight of the video, as it gives fans an insight into who Mac really was, even when it came to his friendship with one of the world’s biggest rappers.

“It’s Kendrick Lamar tapping in to remember the life, celebrate the life of the homie Mac Miller. And if I can remember anything about the homie, man, it’s just the fact that he was a funny, funny, funny individual. Always pulled up to the studio, played music, ya know just had us laughing, told jokes all night. Just one of the cats outside of TDE that had the same type of sick, twisted sense of humor that we have…

…That’s just the type of person he was — just a good dude. Always made you feel good. Just a great energy to have around. He’d pull up to the studio and give honest opinions. Say ‘I like that’,Apple-converted-space”>  ‘you should do something right here’ — just whatever man, he was true and selfless about it. Great musician. Great writer…

…And he always had a smile on his face, and that’s something I commend. No matter what he was going through, he didn’t make you feel sorry for him. He was strong about it—always kept a smile on his face because he wanted you to smile, too. And that’s just something I always loved, you know, no matter whatever personal issues, he gave you that energy. He gave you that energy. It wasn’t no misery loves company with him, you know? He showed a smile and then you gave that smile right back. It made you feel good. So forever we’re gonna remember the life and we’re gonna remember that smile. Celebrate. Mac Miller. Love.”

You can watch the full Open Late tribute to Mac Miller, which features tributes fro Kendrick, Ty Dolla $ign, Macklemore, Machine Gun Kelly, and Lil Xan, below.

Miller passed away on September 7 at the age of 26-years-old, just over a month after he released his fifth and final studio album Swimming.

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