The Internet Tracked Down The Psycho Who Dunked Her Chicken Tender In Soda

In case you didn’t already know, Planet Earth is quite a strange place to live in 2018. Twitter is used to give official political statements, iPhones unlock by looking at them, and plastic straws have been ostracized.
And just when you thought the last couple of years were as weird as it gets, this certified psycho got sniped at the US Open dipping her chicken finger in her Coke:

While Americans don’t agree on much these days, we all had the same reaction when it came to this borderline NSFW video and that reaction was ‘uhhhh WTF lady EW.’
And because we’re in 2018, not only did 26-year-old Greenfield go viral, but she was even interviewed by Sports Illustrated:

Dan Gartland: I guess the first thing I want to know is how you learned to do this?
Alexa Greenfield: My dad taught me. He had me doing it when I was really, really young. His reasoning was to cool them off. I don’t even know if that was really why he was having me do it. I can’t remember not doing it, literally.
DG: Would you try it with other fried foods like french fries or onion rings?
AG: I think one of my nieces did fries for a year or so. I didn’t do fries.
DG: Is it always Coke or could it be Sprite or Dr. Pepper?
AG: No, it has to be a regular coke—not even diet.
DG: My biggest concern, though—you’ve got this greasy chicken, you’ve got this ice-cold soda. Does it ruin the soda at all?
AG: That’s one of the primary questions I’ve been asked. I don’t drink the soda because, yes, it gets greasy. That’s too gross for me.

In addition to her quick interview with Sports Illustrated, she also appeared on Katie Nolan’s new ESPN+ series, Always Late with Katie Nolan, to recreate the madness with Katie:

Fellas, if you ever needed proof that the hot ones are usually crazy, dipping chicken fingers in soda should definitely qualify as proof.

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