Alex Jones Hilariously Confronts Marco Rubio, Calls Him A “Frat Boy”

In a live-streamed video on Periscope, Alex Jones can be seen calling Ricky Rubio a “frat boy” and touches Rubio on the shoulder.

After patting Rubio on the back, Rubio tells Jones “not to touch him.” When Jones responded by asking if Rubio would call the police on him, Rubio said: “You’re not gonna get arrested man. I’ll handle it myself.”

Rubio also says that he doesn’t know who Jones is, who responds by saying he gets “tens of millions of views.”

Here's video of the Alex Jones – Rubio spat

— Will Sommer (@willsommer) September 5, 2018

via CNBC:

Jones – who has argued that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were an “inside job” and that school shootings were staged – blasted lawmakers for not seeking his own testimony to defend himself from “slanderous” accusations that have led to multiple bans online.

“The media ran a hoax and said I said things on Twitter I didn’t say,” Jones fumed in a tirade aired earlier live on CNBC, referring to one of the social media platforms that has yet to ban InfoWars content or him.

“This is dangerous authoritarianism and they package silencing Americans who are popular and well-spoken,” Jones said. “Because what I’m saying is effective, true and popular.”

Jones is a controversial radio show host and conspiracy theorist who hosts The Alex Jones Show, which airs on the Genesis Communications Network. Jones is also known for his fake news website InfoWars.

Jones is also known his promotion of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting conspiracy theories, claiming that the shooting never happened and that the victims were “child actors.”

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