Harvard Never Considered Elizabeth Warren's Ethnicity In Hiring Process

Elizabeth Warren has been attacked by political opponents in the past and even mocked over her claimed Native American heritage. We have all heard of the name “Pocahontas” and heard the questions about whether she improperly claimed Native American heritage in order to land a job at Harvard University and advance her career.
Well, a recent report from the Boston Globe appears to indicate that was never the case.
The Boston Globe looked into interviews and documents that show Harvard Law faculty never considered her heritage in the process of hiring her. The same goes for jobs atĀ Rutgers, The University of Houston, The University of Texas, and the University of Pennsylvania.
“It had nothing to do with our consideration and deliberation,” Charles Fried, a former member of the Harvard Law School appointments committee, said. “How many times do you have to have the same thing explained to you?”
Out of 31 law school professors who were talked to, all but one said Native American heritage was never discussed in the hiring process.
“She was not on the radar screen at all in terms of a racial minority hire,” Randall Kennedy, a law professor who was in charge of recruiting minority candidates to Harvard Law School, added. “It was just not an issue. I can’t remember anybody ever mentioning her in this context.”
The United States senator will be seeking re-election in Massachusetts this November. Her opponent will be one of three Republicans battling it out in the primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 4.
The report has also led to some believing that the effort to put questions about her heritage behind her could be an indication that she’s eyeing a presidential run in 2020. Warren has consistently said she will not pursue the office of the presidency, but with two years until the election, plenty of things could change.

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