'Ozark' Season 2 Premiere On Netflix: Date, What Time Is It On & Preview

Season two of the smash hit Netflix drama Ozark is set to premiere Friday, August 31, 2018 and fans are extremely excited. This new season of the crime drama comes thirteen months after the series premiere which hit Netflix catalogs in July of 2017. Jason Bateman plays Marty Byrde, a financial advisor who finds himself in trouble after a laundering scheme with the cartel goes wrong. Fans of the show have been clamoring for Byrde family drama since the end of the first season, and on August 31, 2018 they will get their wish.

Ozark Season 2 Viewing Details

Date: August 31, 2018
Where: Netflix
Starring: Jason Bateman, Laura Linney

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Bateman’s acting resume before Ozark was littered with big and small screen comedies like Arrested Development, Horrible Bosses, and many others. He even lent his voice to the children’s animated feature film Zootopia. Though often the straight man in these comedies, Bateman had not explicitly shown his dramatic talents until Ozark premiered in 2017. Bateman shines as a criminal money launderer, earning critical praise for his performance. Though a drastic departure from his usual roles, Bateman lends his name to the long list of comedic actors who have proven that they can launch a powerful performance given the right dramatic role. Bateman earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding lead actor in a drama series at the 2018 awards. Laura Linney plays Wendy Byrde, wife of Marty and partner in crime. Linney has received critical acclaim for her performance, but acting in a drama is much less of a genre shift for her than Bateman. Linney, a three time Academy Award nominee, is no stranger to critically acclaimed dramatic roles.
Ozark is certified binge-worthy, as many of the fans are spending hours with the Byrde family in anticipation of the season two release. Check out the season 2 trailer if you’re not already excited enough.


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