Top 10 Best College Marching Bands Of All Time

There are certain things that make a College Football game better than a professional one. The student section, the school spirit, and of course the marching band. Nothing is better than hearing the band play your fight song before and during the game, and your alma mater at the end. A good marching band can change the game, literally. They set the atmosphere during the game with song choices and fervor and set halftime on fire with elaborate shows on the field. Here are some of the best Marching Bands from around the country.

Trojan Marching Band (USC)

The Spirit of Troy is always ready to put on a show for the school in the Hollywood hills. The active numbers can vary but reports put it at over 300 hundred. Hollywood’s marching band live up to their moniker as well. They are the only marching band to play on TWO platinum records as well, have performed with a litany of movie conductors and musical artists, and a movie list that looks better than most actor’s IMDB pages. Throw in some of the coolest Drum Major uniforms, having them dress up as Trojan Guards, and you have a good time.

The Ohio State University Marching Band

When you have one of the best Football Teams of all time you have to have a great marching band right? That’s the case for Ohio State. The Buckeyes have a band that’s over 200 members strong and is incredibly coordinated. Nothing is a better example of this than when the band spells out “Ohio” on the field. The move is called “Script Ohio” and it’s awesome.

Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band (Stanford University)

Calling themselves “The World’s Largest Rock Band” Standford’s marching band focuses much of their repertoire on classic rock songs. Not only do they play awesome songs but they also act like rock stars. They’ve made statements with their shows that have found them banned from other schools, they’ve gotten in trouble for partying too hard, and are apparently banned from Disneyland… The Stanford band plays hard… and lives hard.

Pride of Southland (University of Tennessee)

UT calls their band the Pride of the Southland and they should have a lot of pride in their 350 member band. On every game day the band marches to the oldest part of the campus and performs the “Salute to The Hill” before heading to the stadium. At the game you’ll get to see them make their famous T formation, it’s enough to make Payton Manning proud…

Michigan Marching Band (University of Michigan)

Michigan has a staggering amount of members, standing at about 400. The Wolverines have a rich history in sports so it would make sense for the band to follow. They have a similar parade tradition to aforementioned Tennessee and wow crowds with theirĀ  M FanfareĀ formation. They also are known to play “The Victors” extra loud when Ohio State comes to town.

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band (Texas A&M University)

Another behemoth of a marching band sitting at 400 members, The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is always ready to send College Station into a frenzy. It is comprised entirely of students from the schools military group, The Corps of Cadets, and is the largest Military Band in the world. At halftime, you can catch the well-trained group running a litany of drills to entertain the crowd.

Marching 110 (Ohio University)

Even though the name may deceive you, there are actually 240 members. The 110 is a reference to the original number of members in the band. The Marching 110 shows up in a lot of best bands reviews and are the owners of not one, but two different viral videos. One is from 2011 when they did “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO and again in 2012 when they did “Gangam Style” by Psy. This band is able to respect tradition but also go head first into the future thanks to social media.

The Longhorn Band (University of Texas)

University of Texas Longhorn Band is known for precision. They create a precision “UT” and blanket the entire football field when they do the Wall-to-Wall formation. The best part of it all? They are all dressed like Cowboys… 375 cowboys covering the entire field. The band also has one of the world’s biggest bass drums, named “Big Bertha” in their section in the stadium’s north end zone. You know what they say– everything is bigger in Texas.

Purdue All-American Marching Band

Purdue’s All-American Marching Band shares a lot in common with other bands. Precision formations, energy, even a big bass drum like the aforementioned school. What makes them stick out? Their world-class twirlers. The AAMB is lead by four twirlers, The Golden Girl, The Girl in Black, and The Silver Twins. The tradition of the Golden Girl dates back to 1954 and she is ranked one of the nation’s top twirlers. She leads the band along with her fellow twirling ladies.

Million Dollar Band (University of Alabama)

You would think the most dominant football program of the past 10 years would have one of the best bands in the country right? You would be correct. The Million Dollar Band is a 400+ marching juggernaut. When you support Alabama you are going to end up performing at a lot of Bowls. They lead students in the Elephant Stomp and spell BAMA out on the field and have the announcer lead the crowd in a corresponding chant… also the team they play for wins… a lot.

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