Beer Of The Week: Sixpoint Brewery's The Crisp

Tired of drinking lukewarm Keystone Light out of a 6-month-old keg? Trying to move past Bud Light Limes and Coronas? Crushed enough 30-racks to last a lifetime? The point is, you’re likely at that stage in your life (or close to it) where you want to drink better beer.
Don’t feel bad, as it happens to all of us at one point or another. While shitty beer never really goes away — trust me, stale kegs and 30’s are still very much a thing in post-grad life — decent beer becomes further appreciated and desired the older you get. While I get f*cked up way less than I did in college, I actually kind of drink more now because I have a delicious new beer with my dinner every night. And buddy, let me let you in on a little secret … Shock Top doesn’t count.
So, with all that in mind, we decided to set the very obtainable (and enjoyable) goal of trying, and hopefully enjoying, a new beer every week.

Me in the meeting finding out COED is going to allocate budget to buy me beer.

From popular IPA’s to obscure chocolate stouts, this is COED’s Beer of the Week.

About The Crisp

via Sixpoint Brewery:

We went to Germany for this one. (Well went back really: we first devised this beer while counting yeast cells in a German lab, and sinking liters in underground caves.) Anyway, when it comes to German hops, American breweries get the leftovers… the less desirable plots, amalgamated into a “hop sausage.” Instead, at Sixpoint we go straight to the source for the prime cuts — the Tettnanger and Hallertau hops in THE CRISP are sourced 100% directly from farmers in Tettnang, Germany. This way we personally select what goes into our beers.
Look, legit pilz should have an aroma that leaps from the glass, and the bright, floral aroma of THE CRISP absolutely blasts your nostrils. Follow that up with a crisp, clean finish, and you’ll be sinking this thing by the liter.

Beer Facts

Type: Pilsner
ABV: 5.4%
IBU: 44
Calories: 162
Hops: Tettnang and Hallertau Hops

COED’s Review

Sixpoint’s The Crisp is like if Bud Light graduated college, got their shit together, and went to graduate school.
But what does that mean, actually? It means that if you aren’t a serious beer drinker and don’t like a beer that’s too hoppy or too malty, this is the beer for you. Yes, it’s relatively light for a “craft” beer, but it’s refreshing as hell — probably why it’s called the Crisp — and it tastes MILES better than Bud Light, Rolling Rock, Coors Light, etc, etc.
It’s perfect use? Day drinking. Light enough to keep you moving but good enough to actually enjoy the taste while getting you drunk.

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