Papa John Just Won't Die

Papa John, I have one question for you:
It happened to Donald Sterling, it happened to that seedy New York City lawyer, and while it hasn’t happened to our President just yet, it’s going to happen to you too, Papa. You are far too famous (but not quite powerful enough) to get away with being that overtly and openly racist.
So, what has Papa John done to try and save his rapidly sinking ship? Make a website in an effort to clear his name, of course! But what does the website actually do?
Well, according to the Dough Slinger himself, gives the Papa a way to “talk to you” (exactly who “you” is, I have no idea), provide legal updates, and aggregate news stories about Papa Johns.
But wait, it gets weirder, trust me:

I built Papa John’s from the ground up and remain its largest shareholder. I love my Company, its employees, franchisees and customers. The Board wants to silence me. So this is my website, and my way to talk to you.
As I said in a recent letter, I miss you all very much. More than words can express! Papa John’s is our life’s work and we will all get through this together somehow, some way. I can only imagine how difficult this entire situation is on you, and I’m very sorry you all have to go through this.
Know that in every minute of every day you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Included in this website are links to recent press releases, news articles, and public filings – we are getting the truth out there.

Papa John, just let it go, man. You got caught being a racist like three times in six months, you’re cooked … way more cooked than your pizza, at least (which sucks, by the way.)

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