Ex-Michigan State Gymnastics Coach Charged With Lying In Larry Nassar Investigation

Kathie Klages, a former Michigan State gymnastics coach, caught a charge related to former sports doctor Larry Nassar. According to the Associated Press, Klages has been charged with “lying to police amid the sexual abuse.” The charges from investigators were announced on Thursday, Aug. 23.
Klages could face up to four years relating to the charge.
From the Lansing State Journal:

Klages was charged in Ingham County 54A District Court. A $5,000 bond was set and a warrant was issued for her arrest. If convicted on the felony charge, she faces up to four years in prison. The misdemeanor charge carries a sentence of up to two years. Klages retired on Feb. 14, 2017, a day after the university suspended her and hours after a former MSU athlete said in court documents that the coach had discouraged her years ago from reporting concerns about Nassar.

Nassar was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women of sexual abuse. He will now face a 40 to 125-year prison sentence.

Who is Larry Nassar?

Nassar, 54, graduated from the University of Michigan in 1985. A year later, he joined the medical staff of the US national gymnastics team as a licensed osteopathic physician. In 1997, he also began working as a team physician at Michigan State University.
Nassar was a well-respected figure in the sports medicine field and was trusted with treating many top-level US gymnasts. He worked for the US gymnastics team in four Olympic Games before he was fired from the team in 2015 after athletes reported concerns of sexual misconduct.
He continued working with Michigan State University until September 2016 when the first allegations of his sexual abuse were reported. Nassar was subsequently reassigned from his clinical and teaching duties at the University and was fired later that month.

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