Here's How Much Money Urban Meyer Is Losing During His Suspension

So, we all agree that Ohio State’s suspension of Urban Meyer for a mere three games is a joke, right? Just in case you somehow feel this punishment fits the crime, let me give you a little perspective of the situation real quick.
Back in 2010, when Terrelle Pryor and four other Buckeyes players were caught exchanging memorabilia and swag for free tattoos, they were forced to miss the first FIVE games of the season.
In case you aren’t much of a #math guy (don’t feel bad, neither am I), I’ll break it down really simply for you: give away some OSU gear for free ink? 5 games. Cover up domestic abuse? 3 games. It’s like the Ray Rice/Tom Brady thing all over again.
Anyway, speaking of math — since I was curious about the¬†actual¬†toll this is going to take on Meyer — I calculated how much money he’s going to lose during his suspension (since OSU at least had the balls to suspend him without pay.)
Meyer, who extended his contract to run until 2022 back in April, has a salary of $7.6 million in 2018, making him the third highest paid college football coach in the land (behind Saban and Sweeney but narrowly ahead of Harbaugh).
So, for the sake of this article, let’s assume college football contracts work the same as NFL contracts (which I doubt, but I’m also not Darren f*cking Rovell so cut me some slack), meaning Meyer’s salary is paid through “game checks” — a check given during each week of the season.
A base salary of $7.6 million divided by 12 games in a season means ONE of Meyer’s game checks is approximately $633,333. For #math purposes, we’ll round that up to $650,000.
SO, with all that said, that means Meyer will be losing about $1.95 million due to his suspension … which is about a quarter of his 2018 salary.
Is $2 million dollars a lot of money? Sureeee, to us regular folk. But when it’s someone who makes nearly $8 million a year for MANY years? It’s a slap-on-the-wrist, a mere mosquito bite.

Urban Meyer Suspension: Full Story & Must-See Details
Urban Meyer Suspension: Full Story & Must-See Details
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