It's A Tough Day To Be Associated With Ohio State

Just soak this all in for a second: this is a group of MIDDLE-AGED ADULTS spending their time (on a Monday , no less — primetime work hours) making signs and yelling chants in support of a football coach who may or may not have (allegedly allegedly allegedly) turned a blind eye to domestic abuse. Yiiiiiikes.
As we all know, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is on administrative leave as the university investigates how he handled domestic violence allegations against former assistant Zach Smith, which prompted some ingenious OSU fans to think, “Hey, let’s have a rally for him!”. It’s as if they learned absolutely nothing from Penn State fans’ embarrassing display after the Joe Paterno scandal.
First, let’s start with the cargo-shorted ringleader, strutting around like he’s hyping up an actual football team and not a bunch of mouth-breathing neckbeards who have nothing better to do on a Monday afternoon than finger paint signs about ESPN and the SEC. You can just tell that my man (who’s probably named Darryl) has been waiting for this moment his whole life:

Like we were saying … YIKES.
Now, let’s get to the signs:

screenshots via @AriWasserman Twitter Video

@AriWasserman Twitter Video
For f*ck sake, there was even a guy mocking the Me Too movement (at a rally for a guy who may or may not have allowed one of his assistants to abuse his wife, no less):

While there were reportedly only 100 or so people in attendance, regardless, it’s a horrible look for Ohio State University and makes it another very tough day to be associated with the school.
But really, I only have one question:

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