William Wilkinson: Georgia Teacher Donates Kidney To 12-Year-Old Student

William Wilkinson can add hero to his resume. The teacher at Grace Christian Academy in Powder Springs, Georgia is helping out a 12-year-old student in the best way possible by being a living kidney donor for his student, Kaden Koebcke. Koebcke previously had a kidney transplant when he was five years old. A kidney was donated by his father, but things didn’t work out. He was in need of a living kidney donor.
“It came back so badly that they had to remove it within five days of them putting it in, so that — that definitely didn’t go as planned,” Koebcke said, via MSN.
Koebcke is living with a kidney disease he was diagnosed with since age 2.
“With his particular situation, he can’t receive a kidney from a deceased donor, so he is in need of a living kidney donor,” a Facebook page called Kaden’s Kidney Search explains.
Koebcke explained the battle he has been facing and what he is looking forward to after successful surgery last week.
“I’ve had to be on dialysis for about 10 years now, and it’d really be awesome to live a normal life and not have to live life hooked up to a machine,” he said.
According to the Facebook page, Koebcke is now doing well.
“Will’s surgery is done and he did well with vital signs stable throughout! The kidney is already over to the other hospital and they are in the process of getting the kidney into [Koebcke]. Continue the prayers!!!” the Facebook page explained. “Will had a good night as well. He has some discomfort at times but handling it well. He’s already been up 2x to take a walking lap and he sat up in the chair for 2 hours. Can’t thank you all enough for your prayers. We appreciate you. But it’s not over yet…more recovery to take place so please keep praying!”

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