Purdue University Has Set Up "Temporary Dorms" & People Are Horrified By Them

This week, photos first published by Purdue University’s student-run newspaper, the Purdue Exponent, showed the temporary dorms that the school has been forced to set up due to an excessive amount of admitted students. They have raised concerns over whether or not the school should be admitting this many students in the first place.


The photos generated a massive number of reactions on social media, with the dorms being compared to a prison and boot camps. According to Beth McCuskey, the vice provost of student affairs at Purdue, the university had admitted five times more students than anticipated, forcing the temporary housing to be set up.
Buzzfeed News spoke to McCuskey and she was quoted as saying “Every year we arrange for temporary spaces and typically have 100 spaces that are used.” She also said that some people will say they plan on attending Purdue and then simply do not show up.
Despite McCuskey attempting to explain the situation, once the pictures were posted online, social media blew up with people expressing shock, anger, disappointment, and others simply laughing.


The first picture looks like any normal freshman dorm room, albeit smaller and more confined than one would probably like.
However, once you get to the second picture, that’s when things take a…turn. It actually resembles something of a prison open layout and even though they attempt to separate each sleeping area with desks, you’re still in a giant room with about 100 other people.
In a set up like this, there is about zero room for privacy.
Wanna study? Too bad because Joe is 30 feet away blasting the new Young Thug album at full volume.
Wanna hook up? Too bad because there are five people snoring 15 feet away from you.
The school said that students are free to move off campus at any time but at the same time the director of university residences is attempting to justify it by saying “There are great advantages to living on campus. In term of better grade point average, better opportunities for leadership, more engagement in on-campus activities.”
Absolute WILD statement to make when you’re attempting to convince people that spending your freshman year in an Army barracks. Housing costs $10,000 at Purdue and needless to say I’d be demanding that money back in a flash.

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