Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football 2018-19: Predictions & Preview

The evolution of college football has been a crazy thing. We’ve gone from a game that went from 100 percent rushing to a pass crazy league similar to the NFL. The unique part about the game is that teams still use that full rushing attack. Some coaches believe it still the better tactic with the right guys in each position. Navy and Army are the usuals that everyone recognizes still uses it because we would assume soldiers could outrun and withstand hits better than any other players. Paul Johnson, coach of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets has also installed this system for his team and has had some success with it over the years. After a poor 2017 season with a tough schedule in 2018, the path to success seems far away.

2018-2019 Summary

Paul Johnson and his famous triple-option offense could see a rough go in the 2018-2019 season. With USF and Georgia on the schedule for their out of conference game; this is not doing them any favors. The Yellow Jackets are a unique team that can see quite a large amount of success when they have a quarterback who can complete a pass on the big plays. Their wishbone attack will always produce positive numbers in the ground with quarterback TaQuan Marshall rushing for over 100 yards six times a season ago. If Georgia Tech does pull off a week two victory against a very talented USF team and also win the early conference game against Pitt, this season could go much differently than we have it. With that said, their defense is a mess with holes on every level, so this outcome is unlikely at best.

Record: Wins 7, Losses 5

Week 1: Georgia Tech 38, Alcorn State 7 (W)
Week 2: Georgia Tech 28, USF 30 (W)
Week 3: Georgia Tech 24, Pittsburgh 30 (L)
Week 4: Georgia Tech 13, Clemson 28 (L)
Week 5: Georgia Tech 41, Bowling Green 20 (W)
Week 6: Georgia Tech 21, Louisville 18 (W)
Week 7: Georgia Tech 25, Duke 13 (W)
Week 8: Bye
Week 9: Georgia Tech 17, Virginia Tech 23 (L)
Week 10: Georgia Tech 28, North Carolina 20 (W)
Week 11: Georgia Tech 18, Miam Fl 30 (L)
Week 12: Georgia Tech 20, Virginia 17 (W)
Week 13: Georgia Tech 21, Georgia 42 (L)

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