Houston Texans Cheerleaders Picnic 2018: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

The Houston Texans cheerleaders are one of the most engaging and active squads on social media. This year, they hosted hundreds of women at the Houston Methodist Training Center to round out their squad for the 2018 season.ย The Texans cheerleaders appear at games, while also making plenty of appearances outside of football for charity events and other activities.ย The Texans cheerleaders were established in 2002 and have 35 members.
This year, the Texans cheer team held their second-annual summer picnic in anticipation of the upcoming season.
Former Texans cheerleaders include Courtney Lopez, who was Miss Wisconsin USA 2010; Lauri Flynn, the wife of Matt Schaub; Carrie Milbanks, hostess of The Hockey Show on the NFL Network; and Ashley Clay, wife of Ryan Cochrane.
More photos from the 2018 summer picnic can be seen below, and to keep up with the Houston Texans cheerleading team, be sure to hit follow on their official Instagram and Twitter accounts where they have more than 300,000 combined followers.

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