Do's & Don'ts For Back To School Shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for parents, that writes its time for back to school shopping. The day every child and adult in school hates but parents love because finally, the pests they had to deal with during the summer are for teachers and professors to take care of. But, the job isn’t finished yet. You still need to prepare them and yourselves for classes. That means going through the colorful aisle of Target or Walmart to purchase paper that you will probably never use. To help you make back to school shopping quick and easy, take our advice and enjoy your back to school Christmas.

Do Plan What You Need Ahead Of Time
Like a grocery list, list out what you need to get. This helps you save money and not waist mass amounts of paper that you will later figure out were trees, which will eventually make your brain consider you like a tree killer. And you don’t want to be a tree killer. Be smart with your back to school shopping and make a list. And, yes, we realize you are writing a list on paper which is part of a tree, but you are using the paper, and that’s what matters. The trees destiny of being used has been completed.

Don’t Go Shopping At The Last Minute

Don’t be that person who waits until the last day to shop for supplies. Some of the supplies you need will probably be sold out because you were the one that thought taking a nap was better than shopping. You will be lucky to get a small pack of pens and a stack of paper that you found on the floor. At that point, your best option is to go to the grocery store and grab a coloring book to take your notes. So, do the right thing and don’t be the last minute shopper.

Do Get A Flash Drive

Flash Drives are super crucial with high school and college. Most adults who are in school are taking notes on their laptops, but you can’t merely save everything onto your desktop. Having a flash drive can help you transport files to different devices or even help you in moments when your computer malfunctions or you need to print files in class. You don’t need one that holds a bunch of storage, a small 5gb will solve all your problems. Well, maybe not all your problems but you get our point.

Don’t Buy Everything You See

We get it, bright colors, fun pens, and cute notebooks. It’s like a messed up candy store, you want everything. But, listen to the pleading of your wallet, don’t go overboard. Get what you need and nothing else. You don’t need sparkle pens for college, nor do you need a Power Rangers lunch box. Get what you need and if you desperately want that Power Rangers lunch box, go back another day and purchase it.

Do Travel In Groups

Try to get together with friends or other parents. Create a plan and have each person get specific items you all can share. One get’s paper and pads, the other get pens and pencils, and so on. This helps save everyone money and time. It also makes shopping a little fun, especially when you all go out to lunch afterward. And another quick tip about that, find your wealthy friend and make them pay for lunch.

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