How To Spot Freshmen On Campus

First-year students are the tiny fish that get set back in the ocean full of hungry sharks. They think they can handle it because they are getting off the high of being top dog in high school, but high school is nothing like college. Upperclassmen pray on freshmen; they are the fresh meat that knows nothing about what they are getting themselves into. Upperclassmen get a front seat show into the fear that freshmen are not afraid to show. It’s mainly watching an overdramatic soap opera. But, if you are one of those uneducated upperclassmen who doesn’t know what freshmen look like, here is how you find one.

They Are Always Lost

Three types of freshmen get lost. The first is the map, these freshmen are always carrying a map around and continuously scanning every sign like it will be on their next exam. Second, are asking everyone for directions. They will go from person to person asking where everything is, and they will never stop until their sophomore year when they won’t care where anything is. Then there are the runners. The runner’s dart from each building hoping one of them holds the classroom they need to be in.

Wear Their High School Attire

These are the freshmen who live in the glory days of high school. Some of these students were the ones who peaked in high school. But, they never wear their high school clothing in shame. They always have their head held up high. Nothing will stop them from bragging about their time spent in high school. It won’t be a shock if these students are still wearing their high school sweatshirts during their senior year.

Skinnier & Lighter

You can always tell the pretty, muscular and skinny students are freshmen because they have not met the freshmen fifteen. It’s a real thing, and no one is safe from it. Freshmen are nice and skinny looking thinking they will keep their figure, but they are horribly mistaken. No one is safe from the food they will consume in the next four years they attend college. They will watch their weight grow and grow until the idea of the gym comes into their head.

They Dress Like Celebrities

Like every person on the first day of school or picture day, they dress to impress. But from what upperclassman know from past experiences, sweatpants and sweatshirts are the best clothing that was ever created. Freshmen don’t do that, they think they need to dress up to be taken seriously. But, what they don’t know is they could wear a trash bag and still get people to talk to them. Dressing like they are going to a club or wedding won’t make them popular or attractive, it will just make them stand out more as freshmen.

Waits At The Cross Walk

Eventually, they will learn, but all freshmen are too scared to walk on the street when the red hand tells them not to walk. They only walk when the small man lights up and allows them to cross the street. As upperclassmen, you won’t have anyone stopping you from crossing the street. The stop and go lights don’t mean anything to them. But, to freshmen, they feel like the police are watching them and ready to arrest them if they cross when they aren’t supposed to. They will eventually find out that if they get hit at least, their tuition is paid.

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