WATCH: Oil Tanker Explodes In Bologna, Italy (VIDEO)

An automobile accident has caused a large explosion and fire near Bologna airport after a fuel tanker crashed and exploded. The explosion has reportedly left least 55 people injured and one person dead. In addition, a nearby bridge has partially collapsed.
Police are currently responding to the scene. A “crater” has been left in the highway due to the explosion. At this time, that is all the information that is available.

via Metro:

The tanker is believed to have set on fire after crashing into the back of a car transporter lorry. The fire then spread to the fuel causing a huge explosion that engulfed emergency workers who were first to arrive on the scene.
Around 56 people have been injured and 14 of them are in hospital in a serious condition. Some of the victims were hit by flying debris and breaking glass. Cars in a Peugeot dealership underneath the motorway through the Italian city were also set on fire and buildings nearby were damaged in the blasts.
Emergency workers can be seen close to one of the biggest explosions but have no time to move out of the way. Local police said that there had been a collision on the motorway and an explosion happened in the subsequent fire.

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