Here Is Why There Is Never Any Judgment At Comic-Con

Some of you who have seen or heard of Comic-Con know what it is. SDCC is a place or hero’s and villains coming together to create the ultimate playground for their fans. You can buy and sell comics, watch a new movie and TV trailers, hunt for the latest comic exclusive, and have fun with other fans of comics. But, some people are hesitant when wanting to dress up or even attend. It’s that fear of being judged for expressing their love for a particular superhero or character. Comic-Con isn’t a place of fear or hesitations, it’s a place for people to be outgoing. SDCC holds no judgment on anyone, no matter who you are and how you choose to be.

Dressing up is the big issue with some reserved people. It’s known in social media, and pretty much the entire world who like to judge, dressing up is meant for children under eight years old. Dressing up is not intended for adults, especially in the ages of thirty up. You are looked like someone who doesn’t have their life together or judged because you are different.
That is never an issue at Comic-Con. SDCC invites everyone no matter who they are or how they express themselves. Dress up, don’t dress up, be yourself, Comic-Con judge’s no one. And the people who attend won’t judge because they are the same as everyone else there. Don’t be worried about getting bullied for being yourself, everyone else there is doing the same thing with you, and it’s their inner child.

To those who tease, they can go sit in a corner on time out. While they think about their wrongdoing, you can go have fun at Comic-Con where you know no one will hurt you. Enjoy your time and meet people like you. Everyone at Comic-Con is friendly and always willing to make everyone else’s experience better than theirs.

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