Chrissy Teigen Live-Tweets Bali Earthquake On Vacation

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were enjoying a beautiful vacation in Bali, but that was interrupted early Sunday when a 6.9 magnitude earthquake rocked the area. Three people were killed in the earthquake which struck 50 miles east of Bali. Despite being 50 miles away, the tremors rocked the area where Teigen was staying.
In typical Teigen fashion, and as only she can do, she decided to fire up the old Twitter machine and began live-tweeting her experience on the island.
“Oh man. We are on stilts. It felt like a ride. 15 solid seconds of ‘hooooooly sh-t this is happening,” she wrote. “I very calmly walked outside saying clutching baby saying ‘I’m naked. I’m naked. I’m naked’ like a naked zombie. So many aftershocks.
“I’m either still trembling or these little quakes won’t stop IM TRYING TO BE NORMAL HERE.”
The tremors continued for hours.

Following the earthquake, a tsunami warning was issued in the area, but it has since been lifted. The earthquake also caused an electrical blackout and forced residents to leave their homes to seek higher ground while the tsunami warning was in place, according to a report from CBS.
Teigen, Legend and their children Luna and MIles have been vacationing in Bali for the past week.

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