Chrissy Teigen Gives Waitress $1,000 Tip: Full Story & Details

Waitresses and busboys often rely on tips to help pay the bills, so getting a generous tip now and again can make a world of difference. One lucky server who worked at Outback Steakhouse in Centerville, Ohio recently got the surprise of her life when a famous patron gave her a $1,000 tip.

‘I was so nervous I was going to do something wrong’

According to server Mikayla Scott, in a statement with a local media outlet,, model and TV star Chrissy Teigen chose to dine at her section at the restaurant with her daughter, Luna, and a few friends.


“She walked in with all her glam,” Scott described, according to the local publication, adding, “I was so nervous I was going to do something wrong.” It would appear that she didn’t do anything wrong, as she ended up being granted a $1,000 tip from the starlet on a bill for $193.81, essentially a 516% tip!

Reportedly, Scott shared her tip with some of the other workers. She and her husband, Jordan, another Outback employee, will also use their portion for car repairs.

when outback steakhouse flies people out to teach you to make a bloomin onion but you pass out

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) April 6, 2017

In the past, Teigen and her husband, performer John Legend, have been quite open about their love for the restaurant on social media.

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It's bloomin

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