The 5 Worst NFL Football Jerseys Of All Time

The NFL through the years have produced multiple championships, found one of a kind hall of fame athletes, and grows in popularity every year around the world. However, with all of the hype with how amazing the NFL is, there is one major flaw that manages to pop up every year. Somehow the NFL can’t seem to get their minds wrapped around what a good jersey should look like. Here are the worst football jerseys that the NFL should have never created.

Seahawks Color Rush

The year the NFL produced the color rush uniforms was a smart idea. They created a lot of fresh, unique colors that many fans loved. However, they did crap out on some teams like the Seahawks. Neon green can be cute on a child playing soccer but on eleven grown men looks more like a hazard sign. With the bright lights shining on the uniforms, fans must wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the blinding colors.

Jaguars Color Rush

We are going to have you picture color with a set of descriptions. Think about the color of yellow pee and mix it with a light shade of diarrhea, once you have that color in your head put it on Jaguar player. That’s right the pee and light diarrhea color created the weird gold color of the Jaguars color rush uniform. It’s hard not to give the stank face to the Jaguars uniform.

Browns All Brown

Like the Jaguars color rush uniforms, you are looking at a color that came out of your body. The Browns all brown uniforms look like a giant turd with a hint of an orange peel. It’s hard not to feel bad for the Browns, not only do their uniforms look like someone took a gigantic shit on them but they have also taken a shit on their winning record which is zero.

Bear Stripes

Stripes on any uniform are a disaster waiting to happen. One or two team color stripes on the sleeve are acceptable, but when you have stripes on the helmet, sleeves, shoulders, and socks, you are asking for a death sentence. It’s an overkill of stripes, someone probably asked for a simple amount of stripes but like every subway worker does they give you way more than you asked. And this uniform is an example of why you need to be descriptive with what you want, especially if it’s going to be worn in public.

Steelers Bumble Bee

And our number one winner is the bumblebee. Not an actual bumblebee but the Pittsburgh Steelers bumblebee uniform. The helmet, jersey, and socks make each player look like they are flying around collecting nectar from each opponent they face. The jersey’s look like they should be worn on a horse jockey. Yellow and black stripes aren’t the most attractive, and they certainly should never be worn again. Don’t think this is a waste of clothing; they can donate it to the nearest prison.

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